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" Very impressed with the timely delivery and constantly keeping me in the loop. As this was the first time we purchased a vehicle out of state, really put our mind at ease...thank-you! "


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What is the Cost to Ship a Car from New York to California?

Shipping a car from New York to California may seem like an expensive service at first thought. California Car Transporters is a nationwide car shipping company with the largest fleet of auto shippers that transport vehicles from New York to California. Our fleet of over 2000 car transporters runs daily routes from every part of California to New York State.  We have offices located in Venice and Beverly Hills California as well as Manhatten and Riverdale New York which allow us to be hands on with our clients transports. We have state of the art facilities where all of our car carriers our serviced on a weekly basis after making a trip cross country. Being that we have such a large fleet of auto transporters, we can offer our clients some of the lowest shipping rates for cross country travel to California.  For an example, small sedans coming from New York to southern California are shipping for as low as $1100 , the cost to ship your car from New York to California depends mostly on the size of the vehicle, location of vehicle compared to nearest major cities and of course the price of fuel during the time your looking to ship.

No matter what car, truck, suv or motorcycle your shipping from New York to California our company is one of the most reliable car shippers in the country. Call us now at (888) 567-6422 to reserve your spot on the next hauler in your area.